Framed Sealife

One of the wonders of North Carolina is that we have both the mountains and ocean available to us.  The ocean holds many wonders and some amazing life forms, some of which are shown here.  These are small 6.5” square black frames that hold brilliant, faceted, colorful...

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Bring Nature Inside

Many of us enjoy various aspects of nature.  DarionGlass has worked to capture some of the wonder of nature and bring it indoors.  We have created two separate sets of panels to celebrate the things we like. Shown on the right is our set of four flowers – daffodil,...

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New Items!!

July is the month that we announce our new items at DarionGlass.  We have so many wonderful and diverse things that we are excited to share. To begin the month, we are showing our retro designs.  Here, as a set, are our three retro designs all done in stained glass as...

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Hard to believe, but not everything we make turns out usable. Glass is a very unforgiving medium and some things are hard to fix and some problems are hard to predict. Here are some of our unrecoverable disasters. Some problems are obvious the moment the kiln is...

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Treat Dad to Something Different

Father’s Day is not that far away.  Have you found something that will speak to your Dad, but is also in your price range?  Skip the shirt and tie and give him something that will both last and the whole family can enjoy.  DarionGlass has several items that are...

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Light a Candle

Everyone enjoys a candle – when the power grid fails, but also when you have a special scent to share or an attractive candle holder to display.  Here are fused candle holders for round candles (that last extra long), but can fit right into your décor. Maybe you want...

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Mad About Plaid

Plaids are patterns of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors.  Plaids (or tartans in Scotland), originated in woven woolens, but can be made of many other materials, including glass.  The blocks where different shades of the same color or...

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Which Way is the Wind Blowing?

Home decoration, updates and accents are constant topics on TV, in magazines and online.  Following trends, adding a ‘pop’ of color, creating an accent wall and layering textures are all topics that various personalities address. Often the garden and yard are included...

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Peeping at Your Plants

I love having green plants inside the house as well as outside.  My plants wanted a little change of pace, so I gave each one of them a friendly peeper to add some color. Whimsical plant peepers can be a bumblebee, ladybug, frog, owl, dragonfly, bird, snail, turtle,...

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Take a Break

With all of our time spent at home, daily tasks may have turned routine.  You can jump out of the routine with the addition of this tray to your environment.  Useful as a bed tray, but also great when binge watching your favorite show, managing your home office from...

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DarionGlass is the combined efforts of husband and wife team, Dan and Marion Seaman.

They love the process of successfully executing commissions which render someone’s idea or vision into 2D or 3D objects in glass.

Looking for a custom fused, stained, or mosaic glass piece?

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