Spruce Up With a Soap Dish

Add a touch of color and variety to your décor with one of these soap dishes.  Made from two layers of glass, each soap dish has three ridges in the bottom to help the soap bar air dry.   The dish has silicon pads on the bottom to help keep it from slipping on the...

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Hillsborough Handmade Market Thank You

DarionGlass participated in the Hillsborough Handmade Market last weekend.  Although the weather forecast was not favorable all week, when the time for the event arrived, we had overcast skies and NO rain for the whole event. It was great to see and chat with so many...

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Hillsborough Handmade Market

DarionGlass is excited to be part of the Hillsborough Handmade Market on Saturday, April 30 in River Park, Hillsborough.  The event is 12 noon until 7 pm and we would love to see you there! Hillsborough Arts logo Click on this link to see the wide array of arts...

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Bowl You Over

Add a touch of color and variety to your décor with one of these bowls.  These chevron bowls are a new item for DarionGlass.  We’ve done this shape before, but never with this design. Each bowl has a series of concentric chevrons, and then something unexpected...

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Butterfly Creation

The creation of a 10-inch square butterfly panel came about completely by accident (and accident is not a word you want to use often when working with glass)! A friend asked me if I would donate a glass creation to the auction for the Bel Canto group that she...

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Welcome Spring!

Spring peeked its head above ground a few weeks ago, but retreated.  It seems that Spring is now slowly making its way into our yards – tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths are blooming.  These gorgeous flowers are joined by several varieties of trees displaying their...

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Tree of Life

Often we feature items that you can use – plant peepers to brighten your houseplants, spoon rests and soap dishes to brighten your décor and jewelry for your personal enjoyment.  This week, we are featuring our Tree of Life.  This is an art project that combines glass...

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Outdoor Art

Spring hasn’t quite sprung, but it’s time to start thinking about your outdoor space and gardens.  One way to add color and texture – particularly in a shady spot – is use a project that includes glass.  This project started with a look at my broken china, like some...

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Sunflowers for Ukraine

Creativity and getting lost in artistic projects is a great way to spend time.  Although that is an escape into another world, it is sometimes hard to avoid what is happening in the real-life world.  As I am writing this, there is a crisis in Ukraine.  People are...

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How Far Does Glass Go?

Rather than feature an item this week, I am embarking on a long-term journey that I would like for you to join with me.  We are starting with a sheet of glass, just as it is purchased from a local or mail order vendor.  Over the course of this year – or maybe less –...

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DarionGlass is the combined efforts of husband and wife team, Dan and Marion Seaman.

They love the process of successfully executing commissions which render someone’s idea or vision into 2D or 3D objects in glass.

Looking for a custom fused, stained, or mosaic glass piece?

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