Home decoration, updates and accents are constant topics on TV, in magazines and online.  Following trends, adding a ‘pop’ of color, creating an accent wall and layering textures are all topics that various personalities address.

Often the garden and yard are included in these home update topics.   Rather than back-breaking work, trips to the garden store and daily watering, consider a wind chime to update your yard.  Our whimsical wind chimes come in a variety of themes and colors.  Select a variety of leaves on a piece of driftwood, a musical note theme that hangs from a cookie cutter circle, or a beach themed wind chime dangling from a canning lid, recalling the breezes at your favorite sandy shore.  We also have color-themed wind chimes and some with no theme.  If you have a particular interest, we can create a wind chime to portray that, as we did for a friend who wanted a hummingbird wind chime.

If you are interested in a creative fused glass wind chime that suits your personality, let us know by emailing here or on Facebook.