Glass in the Garden 2020

Spring, 2020. We are entering another week of “stay at home” orders, with a great deal of uncertainty in all of our lives. Nature, however, shows no uncertainty, nor any sense that this spring is different. Plant life still erupts into a remarkable display of glory, made all the more wonderful by our increased opportunity to view it. The garden has become our refuge.

Rainbow Mandala

At DarionGlass, we have always worked to integrate glass pieces into the garden, and this year we are exploring new construction techniques along the way. All three categories: Stained, fused and mosaic are usable to add to flower beds, or planters or along walls. A large mosaic mandala has long anchored our garden, and the rainbow motif anticipated our current times when that symbol has come to mean so much about both inclusion and hope.

The “plant peeper” pieces are limited only by imagination, since we make no attempt to invoke realism in their designs. We have tackled frogs. ladybugs, bees, snails, tortoises, butterflies and dragonflies in colors not native to any region. Mounted on either stainless steel straws or recycled forks, they are suitable for soil contact, whether in a garden bed or a potted plant.

But the newest exploration has been in the garden stakes. The cost of wrought iron stakes, which we previously purchased and used, has continued to rise and is starting to inflate the price of one of our favorite pieces.

While framing a panel in zinc, I realized that the zinc pieces are both strong enough and weather resistant enough to form the stakes, at a fraction of the cost of wrought iron. We are just starting to explore the implications of shape and construction and what we can use to bring new designs into the garden.

There is something about the way light filtered through glass brings new elements into a garden space. The glory of nature, the optimism of new growth, and the sense of participation in the larger canvass of creation makes these projects especially rewarding. If you want to add glass elements to your garden, we would be happy to take your commission. Something new to see while “sheltered at home”.

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