Either/or.  Now/later.  Maybe/maybe not. There are so many choices, it is often hard to pick the right answer.

Peanut butter & jelly.  Warm & dry.  Love & laughter. There are so many combinations that one of the items just doesn’t seem right without the other.

No matter your perspective, this mosaic ampersand makes a statement for you.  Outlined with iridescent squares and filled with blue squares, circles and triangles, the small ceramic tiles are grouted to make perfect indoor wall décor.

Or select an ampersand outlined in blue, filled with brightly contrasting and complementary purple and yellow dots and featuring a striking 3d butterfly that looks as if it is ready to take off and spread happiness.

If you are interested in updating your wall décor with one of these bright accents, let us know by emailing here or on Facebook.

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