The renewal power of the beach

Beach Mosaic, 2019

Maybe it is being named Seaman. Maybe it’s because beginning in my childhood, we have always traveled to the beach each summer – initially on Long Beach Island in New Jersey, and later along the Outer Banks of North Carolina and on Edisto Island in South Carolina. And maybe it’s because the moment my toes clench the sand at the edge of the surf, I am instantly and overwhelmingly humbled. But the beach has always had the power to renew and inspire. Never has that been truer than this year, when our first venture out from “shelter at home” was a three day trip to Nags Head, NC in late June. And, as is always the case, the inspiration finds expression in our glass work.

Fused glass and silver charms

Our smallest expression resulted from a trip last fall to Oak Island – an idea for inclusions of charms into earrings, both foiled and fused, and nautical themes abound among the charms. What a great use of scrap glass.

The lighthouses of North Carolina have been a frequent subject. From Christmas ornaments to mosaics to mirrors to shadow boxes, we keep returning to the safe passage held in the glowing beams of a lighthouse.

Yard Sale Mirrors w/ Fused Glass and shells
Chambered Nautilus and foiled glass

Shells now populate a number of projects, from the chambered nautilus to commercially sliced shells included in fused teardrops. Similarly, driftwood has found it’s way into our work – most frequently as the base for horizontal wind chimes.

Coming soon, some of the ideas generated from this summer’s first trip – the inclusion of sea glass into see through mosaics, larger seahorse panels and a 3D ship replete with glass sails. Pictures of pieces and WIP’s as we turn ideas into projects.

Wind Chime with multiple beach elements

The good news? If all goes well with the travel permissions, we head back to the beach for a week on Edisto Island to celebrate the 34th anniversary of both our marriage and our working in glass (we started when we started dating). I’m certain new ideas will emerge once again.

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