I love having green plants inside the house as well as outside.  My plants wanted a little change of pace, so I gave each one of them a friendly peeper to add some color.

Whimsical plant peepers can be a bumblebee, ladybug, frog, owl, dragonfly, bird, snail, turtle, butterfly, rabbit, fish, or something else that is your favorite animal or insect.  The peepers are fused glass on a stainless steel straw so they can be easily planted in a pot or placed out in yard to liven up a green border.

Peepers in the Garden

These are great as a unique small gift for teachers, co-workers, or friends.  Combine a peeper with a gift of a bulb and you have given something to enjoy now (the peeper) and something for later (the bulb when it blooms).  This is the perfect gift for Easter.

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