A repeat commission leads to exploration

Few relationships have as many touch points as thoseshared among Dale and Sue Metz and Marion and I. We all attended UNCG, all worked in theatre, and all were educators. I have had the good fortune to direct both of them in multiple Community Theatre productions and Marion costumed Dale multiple times for the annual O’Henry productions in Greensboro. And we all share a love of crafts and crafting: Sue and Marion both work in fibers in addition to the glass work that we do at DarionGlass.

Chautauqua, NY

Several years ago, The Metz’s commissioned a panel from a photograph from Sue’s childhood – a lake vista in Chautauqua, NY by sunset. That led to a great deal of experimentation in combining fusing and stained glass elements in a single panel. Some of those experiments informed a lot of later pieces in our own work. We didn’t realize how pleased they were with the results until they contacted us with a second commission.

Sue had taken a weaving course at the Folk School, and nightly ate while looking at a wine based still life window. We adapted a photograph of that (significantly) and created a new work which again combined multiple fused elements with standard foil stained glass techniques. We added a “tablecloth” element using a glass weaving technique, and the wine bottle and grape elements went through multiple revisions – mostly because of shop accidents. Both elements led to a more 3D effect depth to the finished panel.

We delivered the panel (from a 6′ distance) last week, and in return received a wall hanging and a shawl. And in a way that these circles seem to get completed, the shawl was based on techniques Sue learned at the folk school, and we toasted the friendship and creative endeavors with … red wine.

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