Fused glass diversions for a Covid Era

Wake v State

We first saw it in wood – and immediately recognized that glass would be a perfect medium for a re-usable Tic Tac Toe set. At the time, we were hip deep in ACC basketball season, and our first sets were a tribute to the popularity of the sport in our region (and in our house). Consequently, the first pieces we developed were basketballs on the background color associated with the Big Four teams (Carolina, Duke, State and Wake). If you purchased a set, you picked out the teams you wanted.

By the next Christmas, we determined that it could be a great present for use during family visits – and we developed pieces based on trees and presents. Our theory was that there was family time available and some of us have always looked for non-electronic options. They easily sat on a coffee table and games were short, and not very complex.

As the Covid pandemic drags on, families again are spending more time together, and as we approach 10 weeks mostly at home, we begin to see additional potential for breaking routine. The electronics are now used for distance learning, and playing on the same machines seemed to be less of a break. Once again, the idea of a non-electronic toy, easily used and set up could serve as a break between learning and work session. So we once again point to the versatility of the Darion Fused Glass Tic Tac Toe set.

Geometric sets

We have added piece sets concocted of millefiori fused on circles, and simple geometric shapes in alternate colors. In each case, all pieces are backed by a thin layer of protective cork. Similarly, the boards, which have remained a constant shape and size but vary widely in color, are footed with pieces sliced from wine corks. The result is a simple system, with unlimited replicability, and able to fill a few minutes for families who are wearying from the sameness of each day.

Recycled Merlot Cork

Looking forward, we are in the early design stages of creating a tangram set which will have a little more complexity but still command attention and concentration. We are hoping to have this item as a Christmas 2020 option.

If you are interested in adding a Tic Tac Toe set to your Covid Response Readiness set, contact DarionGlass and we will work with you to make that happen. Meanwhile, stay safe, and when possible, stay home.

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