colored stripes for plaid

Plaids are patterns of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors.  Plaids (or tartans in Scotland), originated in woven woolens, but can be made of many other materials, including glass.  The blocks where different shades of the same color or different colors cross give the appearance of new colors blended from the original ones.

When creating plaids with glass, the typical over-under weaving done with woolens is not used.  Instead two separate layers arecreated. Each layer is exactly the same, with the top layer rotated 90 degrees to the bottom layer.

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With a full fuse, this layering works just like weaving, with the blocks of different shades of the same color or different colors crossing to give the appearance of a new blended color.

post full fuse plaid

The concept that the colors of the plaid have specific meanings is relatively new, begun with considering red a “battle” color, designed so it would not show blood.  Other designations are green for prairies or forest, blue for rivers and yellow for various crops.

These glass plaids are designed for fun and whimsy.  They can add a spot of color to any table decoration or celebration.  Choose the colors and style that works for you!

If you are interested in a creative fused plaid that becomes a bowl or candle holder that suits your personality, let us know by emailing here or on Facebook.