One of the great things about working with glass is the variety of techniques to explore. We’ve been doing stained glass for 34 years, and fused glass for around 10 and yet continually find new things to explore. Our most recent explorations include working with materials in combination with glass -sometimes called inclusions.

Scrap/driftwood wind chime.
Kokopeli Dreams

Early explorations started with windchimes attached to driftwood we had found on our summer beach excursions. We saw a workshop devoted to dreamcatchers, and began working with inclusions of twine, feathers and beads while exploring our love of Southwestern themes. We reconnected with our ’60s crafting roots and soon added macramé to the dreamcatcher base.

Another beach excursion led us to using shell inclusions – long a staple in our mosaic work. Stained glass sizes range from 1/2 nautilus down to slices of shells combined with nuggets in a teardrop shape.

1/2 Nautilus glass fan
Charming earrings

On our most recent trip to the beach we ventured into several small shops and were inspired to see glass people working with jewelry which includes small silver charms – and we began looking into those as a new area of exploration. Here-to-fore all of our jewelry offerings were fused glass pieces worked in a variety of techniques. Our newest earrings, available in clip and pierced versions, sport charms and hit themes we are just beginning to appreciate.

Winter is the time we get to experiment the most. We are not tied to preparation for shows and we have a slightly slower creation pace which allows for diversions. What we continue to find is that “one thing leads to another” : each experiment leads to another new idea to try out. We are constantly amazed at where ideas come from but always excited that they do.

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