A lot more than just the glass itself goes into some projects, and we at DarionGlass are constantly looking for opportunities to re-use materials in creative ways. Our relationship with Goodwill and other Thrift Stores dates back to Marion’s work as a costumer, as does our frequenting of yard sales. We highly recommend these sources for ideas and materials to complete your latest visions.

A bar stool can become a side table if the seat is replaced by a mosaic top. In this case, the stool came first and the design for the top came to fit the actual size. We will finish the piece with grout and a circle of tempered glass.


Almost all yard sales and Goodwill/Thrift stores have used frames available, at greatly reduced prices. It is a little confining to try to find a specific size, but if you can adapt a design to an existing frame, you can finish opaque and mosaic projects fairly inexpensively. The same can be said for mirrors and trays

A recent trip to Goodwill (just prior to the Covid interruption) netted a lantern which contained a cracked etching of an owl. We replaced it with a simple fused piece to create a new candleholder.

As beach season approaches and the county slowly makes travel acceptable, we turned our attention to a simple wooden substrate found in yet another thrift store – for $1. A couple of fused pieces and some mosaic chips later, and we have a bright and cheerful reminder of vacations past, and those currently filling our dreams.

The variety of projects which only partially incorporate glass is limited only by your imagination, and your budget. Trips to thrift stores (as they re-open) and yard sales can trigger the imagination and stretch the budget – and we highly recommend them.

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