DarionGlass returns to its roots

Fused glass with a shell slice inclusion

It was the first thing we learned to do in our first class in Stained Glass 35 years ago – make a sun catcher. My first effort was a two piece mushroom, followed closely by a four piece snail – complete with antennae! We started small in that class, as we all sought to master the basics of this new hobby.

Chevron design

Sun catchers are still a big part of the repertoire of any glass hobbyist – small enough to display in any number of locations, and inexpensive enough to be accessible to most people. And perhaps more importantly in this time of shopping from home, they are easily and safely shippable – not true of all glass items. An additional advantage is that they are easily crafted from scrap pieces as getting supplies has also slowed “in the time of pandemic.”

Victorian mini

So we have returned to making suncatchers in a variety of styles and ways. We were able to complete a number of them and , in a socially distant encounter, dropped them off for the owner/proprietor of Freehand Market as she moves to a mostly on line presence, at least for the time being. Be sure to check out that website http://freehandmarket.com, for the many items which would make great Mother’s Day presents.

Pinwheel in iridescent clear and aqua

There is something about being able to see a little bit of colored light which can brighten the mood in a room in which you are spending far more time of late. Contact DarionGlass if you feel a need to brighten your “home office”.

Double rainbow

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