DarionGlass in quarantine times

It’s hard to escape the irony of these times. As crafters, we get far more time to work creatively in our home studios. Yet all of the usual outlets for our net results are not currently viable. DarionGlass, like so many other family or individual craft operations have been closed out of festivals and markets, and galleries are closed.

While we are home, in and among the time spent on glass projects, Marion has been making masks for local health professionals as well as friends. Her years in costuming have generated a bountiful supply of fabric of all types, including those deemed best for masks by health experts. So she creates masks, we make arrangements for people to pick up bags of them from our front porch and we wave from the other side of the door. A little something we can do in a time when we feel so powerless to help.

When I first heard about the “shelter at home” orders for North Carolina, all I could think of were candle shelters – the term we use for the category of glass pieces which hold candles. We hadn’t been making many recently as we had been exploring some new things. But it was fun to go back to making some new versions.

Our work with nuggets and foil gave way to fusing nuggets and then including them into a design. Trimmed out in blue and clear glue chip and we had a new, taller (6″) shelter. It’s also a great use of scraps which are fused into the nuggets.

A trip to the Goodwill Store pre-lockdown netted a pine lantern with a cracked piece of etched pane glass. Substitute a geometric design, fused onto clear glass slid cleanly into the space left behind and the re-purposed box became functional once more.

And some of our previous designs need to stage a comeback – those designed for votive candles. They, too, make for a great use of scrap glass. Look for more in the future – as the quarantine stretches on and our search for supplies continues.

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