3D Angel

It started simply enough. For years we had been fabricating a 3D angel in two sizes, done in stained glass in a variety of colors. When showing at the annual Deck the Halls event at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, we sold the last one we had made. Shortly after that, a stalwart member of the church, which is our home parish, stopped by and was disappointed that we had no angels. We told her that we are always willing to do commission work – what kind of angel did she want?

One of the variations

It took awhile, but we settled on a 2D piece, in a glass stand, in all clear but in a variety of textures. It’s when we went looking for ideas before building a pattern that things expanded. We have now developed three patterns in multiple sizes, each of which can be hung or placed in a stand, and which can vary in colors. The only similarity is that they all have wings and halos.

Expanding flight options

The next modification also grew out of our 2019 Holiday explorations – adding wire work to the process. Soon some of the new angels were embellished with belts and wire curlicues on their skirts. The variations continue to grow, and we will be adding angelic functions to the line – songbooks and musical instruments.

Although closely aligned with the Christmas season, we consider angels to be able to transcend season, and so will be offering them year round. We are always looking for new ideas to join our “flights of angels” .

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