ETC… Memorialized in Glass

Small ETC… Logo

For 26 of my 30 years teaching Theatre and Speech for Guilford County Schools, I worked with a group called the Ensemble Theatre Company (ETC…). Like most high school theatre teachers, I was a sole practitioner – but I was never alone. As the name implies, our core values centered around group interaction in both problem solving and play production. When measured by most metrics, it was a highly successful program and produced some memorable experiences for the hundreds of students who shared the journey with me. I cherish that period of my teaching and artistic life, and wanted to memorialize it in some way, not only for myself but for the students who went through the program.

Inclusion Version

When I saw the work of Deb Luebben Smith, a glass engraver who works out of Salem, Missouri, an idea emerged. Deb and I go way back to 1970 when she was just graduating from Grimsley High School (Greensboro, NC) and we worked together on a summer theatre production of The Roar of the Greasepaint, The Smell of the Crowd. One of our many connections was that her dad, Dale, was a stained glass artist from whom I gained a lot – including his stock when he unfortunately passed away. Much later, Deb’s daughter was a part of the ETC… experience, and we again shared the theatre work which undergirded our relationship.

Large Logo

So it was natural to see the potential partnership in this glass project. I contacted Deb, and sent her pictures of the logo which had been a part of ETC… for years. She worked up several prototypes and shipped them over to me. I imbedded her engraved bevels in both stained and fused glass pieces and the result is a series of options, small medium and large, of a glass tribute to the Company, the students, and the work we shared.

It also marks the beginning of a broad partnership between DarionGlass.Com and Sipping in Style – Hand Engraving by Deb Smith , Deb’s company in Salem. We will be taking orders for the ETC… logo pieces, and also working to imbed other etched glass pieces into stained and fused glass projects. And the most fun element of the partnership is that many of the pieces I create from her bevels will include glass I inherited from her dad.

If you are interested in one of our collaborations, message either of us via our Facebook accounts, and we will make it happen.

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